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Site web parfait pour les petites et moyennes entreprises

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Site web parfait pour les entrepreneurs qui débutent et Micros Entreprises

Exemple de Site Web Premium

Pour ceux qui veulent le meilleur, tout simplement


Vidéo Promotionnelle

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Le meilleur moyen de partager un message

Vidéo Documentaire

Expliquez en détails quelque chose

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Une captation d’évènement pas comme les



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The strategy ofmarketing content

The strategy marketing content combines 4 products

The strategy marketing content combines 4 products

For maximum efficiency, the best devices and advanced publishing technologies are used.

For maximum efficiency, the best devices and advanced publishing technologies are used.

Pictures & Photos
Stories & Videos
With creative and stand-out images and photos you can keep people interested in what you do.
With stories that are out of the ordinary and breathtaking videos, tell your story and make people want to consume your services/products.

A mixture of the 4 products is optimal to capture people's attention


Having supported publications is a very effective way to gain visibility

The strategy marketing content it's more than social media

Be present on the platforms without being overwhelmed by them

The strategy landing it's more than social media

Be present on the platforms without being overwhelmed by them

Plan your posts

With our tools

Be efficient by planning your publications in advance and in automatic mode.

Catch the eyes

With original content

Make people stop scrolling with content that even your competitors will be jealous of.

Tell your story

and get interaction

Be transparent and make your content resonate with people for maximum engagement with your posts.

State your intentions

And make people act

With well-thought-out posts, you can more easily derive actionable action from them.

Demonstrate a sensational portfolio

that effectively demonstrates your offerings

Use the platforms as catalogs of what you do with professional publications.

Have the perfect business card

Stop wasting time with paper and go with what’s left.

3 reasons that confirm

3 reasons that confirm

why take a marketing pro to publish?

Publier de manière efficace et rapide

avec des publications qui attirent l'attention

pour des clients qui seront interpelés par votre message

The power of video is real


If you have a storefront like Jeanne, the Ta Vitrine offer is perfect for having a professional presence on the web made by a pro without breaking the bank.


Someone like Kevin who is a construction contractor doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to build a site, but he wants and knows he must be present online, his competitors are!

Find out ifShowcaseis for you?

An Internet site

done by a professional

represent your company/project

starting at $24 per month +tax

The questions most requested

This might answer your questions

Why hire someone to do my social media

Because your publications are probably below what you expect. By being specialists in these, we have technologies and means that your competitors will not have. You will stand out!

Can I adjust my website over time to add/change things?

Absolutely, the websites we make for you here are fully adjustable, from the phone number you would like to change or to the full pages you would like added to advertise your new products. In today’s world, you have to adapt as quickly as possible.

I hesitate between the offer of Ta Vitrine and make a bigger site, how can I better make my choice?

I believe that the site should reflect our ambitions. That said, I also believe that if we start our business or our project, monetary liquidity is the most important thing. At $35 per month, the showcase is very affordable and even if things ever go wrong (sometimes they do) it’s not hard to take, unlike a larger site, with more stuff that would cost more Dear. In many cases, maintaining liquidity is the key to longevity.

What is the most important thing for your site?

Without a doubt, in my opinion, the site must be like an employee of your company/project. Anyone visiting your site needs to be told what you are doing. Then the 2nd, the conversion rate, how many customers arrive and how many take action.

Why should I have my site made by Devlopp?

Save time and money. And above all, having a more effective tool that will help you achieve your goals!

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